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UPL Disect Tc ( Bifenthrin 2.5% EC) best Termite Control Chemical For Indoor and outdoore

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Termites enter the buildings through foundation & utility points and travel within the minute wall gaps in search of cellulose base food available on Door & Window frames, Wardrobes, Furnitures etc. and damage them silently within a very short time.


Mild odour- Applicator & End Customer Friendly.  Low degradation-Stable in the open treated soil, Highly stable-Bonds well with soil & Provides long term protection.

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● Mild odour- Applicator & End Customer Friendly.
● Low Degradation- Stable in the open treated soil.
● Highly Stable- Bonds well with soil & provides long term protection.


● Disect TC shall be applied at 0.05% a.i concentration .
● For Pre & Post Construction Termite Control Works - 1Liter of Disect TC in 49 Liters of water.
(20ml of Disect TC / Liter of water)
● For Treatment to Wooden structures - 1Liter of Disect TC in 49 Liters of kerosene.
(20ml of Disect TC / Liter of kerosene)