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Disect WP Bifenthrin 10% WP


Human diseases transmitted by adult mosquitoes include Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virusand Chikungunya. In temperate zones, where vector-transmitted diseases are not much of aproblem, mosquitoes can cause inconvenience as nuisance insects.

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● Low solubility in water, stable to Hydrolysis & Photolysis - Long-Lasting control to adult
mosquitoes i.e 10 to 12 Weeks.
● Less skin sensitization to humans- Very well accepted by applicator and residents.
● Less insect irritability- Slower knockdown and lower irritant effect leads to higher mass killing
effect on mosquitoes.

Mode of Action

● Broad spectrum insecticide, unique kill by sodium channel modulation.

Recommended Uses

● Control of adult mosquitoes in IRS (Indoor Residual Spraying) treatments in public health
programs & in private pest management services.


● 62.5 gm Disect WP is to be mixed in 5L of water to cover 250 sq meters. (25mg of a.i/sqm as per
NVBDCP* Recommendation)
● 62.5 gm Disect WP to be mixed with small quantity of water to make a paste, remaining water is
then poured slowly and stirred vigorously to obtain a uniform suspension of 5L Solution.
● Use flat fan nozzle for better results.