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MM24 - Dust & Dry Mop Foldable Plastic Frame with Colour Code, 60 cm ( 24" )

: Blue ( Most Common )

MM Plastic Smart Dust & Dry Mop Foldable Frame with Colour Code, 60 cm ( 24" )

Main Features:

  • This mop Frames is made up of high-quality impact-resistant and recyclable material.
  • This smart mops frame comes with black coated wires.
  • Our mop frames has a 360º swivel attachment for maneuvering in tight areas also.
  • This is a smart & economical solution for all your professional cleaning needs.
  • We recommend using our Pocket style Acrylic and Microfiber dust Mop frame which quickly attaches to this frame.
  • This Frame can be used with:- Smart MS Handle, AluGreen Handle, or Extendable Handle.
  • Ideal for use at small areas, medium areas & large areas.
  • It comes with an individual poly pack.

Application: For dry Mopping and cleaning of floors.

Floors: Hardwood, Wood Laminate, Tile, Linoleum, Marble, Formica, Painted Surfaces, etc.

Avoid cross-contamination: Use color-coded products as per the following:

  1. Red Colour – For toilets and bathroom.
  2. Blue Colour – For general areas like rooms, hall, offices, lobby, etc.
  3. Green Colour – For the kitchen, food preparation areas, restaurant, etc.
  4. Yellow Colour – For infected and critical areas like patient room, ICU, lift, etc.

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