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Bayer K-obiol Insecticide, 1 Kg

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Product Overview : K-Obiol is a residual pesticide effective against stored grain pests like weevils, beetles, moths, etc. that affect rice and wheat. Key Product Benefits: Useful for treatment of stacks, application to gunny bags Good chemical stability Simple equipment is needed for application Certified with BIS ISI Mark Dose rate: For surface treatment of grains and seeds in stacks as well as ceilings and floors in warehouses, mix 120 g of K-Obiol thoroughly in 3L of water and spray it to cover 100 sq.mt. area. For residual treatment against mosquitoes, dilute 25-50 gm of K-Obiol in 1.5 to 2.5L of water and spray or atomizers on walls, ceilings, floors and hiding places of mosquitoes. Packs: 1 kg