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Adept WP Diflubenzuron 25% WP - 500g


Housefly lives in close association with man and is the most common species found throughout the world. They breed in decaying, fermenting or rotting organic matter. In Rural areas, breeding places are easily found around farms and houses in manure heaps and other places where organic matter has been dumped. In urban areas, rubbish heaps, wastes from food processing, sewage drains etc. are the sources of fly breeding. Flies are vector of many bacterial and viral diseases to man and animals. Continuous irritation by flies can result in lower weight, increase in immature animals, decreased production of milk and reduced egg yield in poultry. Furthermore, faecal and vomit spots will lower the quality of the eggs and cause serious financial loss. 

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Very low acute toxicity.
● The acute oral LD50 value for mouse and rat is greater than 4640mg a.i per Kg
● Non irritant to the skin and eye.

Mode of Action

Adept WP inhibits chitin synthesis in the larval cuticle. This results in an inability of
larvae to moult.
● Treated larvae are either unable to escape from the old larval skin, or the new, weak
cuticle of the new instar is lethally injured. This results in larval mortality at moulting or
shortly afterwards.
● When final larval instars ingest Adept WP, distortions in the pupal or adult cuticle may
also occur. The deviation from the normal moulting process ultimately leads to the death
of the insects.
● No immediate effect is visible after the application of Adept WP. However, once the
larvae have ingested enough quantity of the product, they will die during their next
● Primary activity is via oral ingestion & some contact. Effects of Adept WP treatments are
seen 1 to 4 days (according to climatic conditions) following application as an incapacity
of larvae to moult.

Recommended Uses

Mosquito larvae control in clean and polluted water


Lower rates is applied when water level is equal or lesser than 0.5m. Higher rates is applied
when water level is more than 1m.