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How to make air fresheners, right at home

How to make air fresheners, right at home

Sometimes, all it takes to make your home vibrant and fresh is to make it smell good. Which is why you need quality air fresheners like Godrej aer home fragrances. But did you know you could make these divine smelling air fresheners in the comfort of your home? Here are a few ways you can.

1. Homemade potpourri

Step 1: Take a bunch of fresh roses and hang them upside-down to dry. This could take a few weeks, depending on the moisture.

Step 2: Transfer the dried rose petals, into a sealable container.

Step 3: Add essential oils with the right fragrance and mix. Keep this mixture sealed for a few weeks.

Step 4: Arrange the petals in your potpourri bowl and add other ingredients like dry nuts, cones, sprigs of herbs and vanilla pods.

And your homemade potpourri is ready! Of course, you could save the months spent on making this with a single spray of Godrej aer’s crush.pink.

2. Scented wood blocks

Step 1: Take a wooden block.

Step 2: Coat its sides with a garden scented essential oil.

Step 3: Place it in a sealed container, immersed in the oil and leave overnight.

Voila! You have your scented wooden block. This unique air freshener merges the scent of fresh greens with the earthy undertones of wood. But you could get the same effect in a jiffy with our lush.green. Besides, where would you find wooden blocks anyway?

3. Scent jars

Step 1: Collect fresh cedar twigs (or other fragrant twigs), bay leaves, and nutmeg.

Step 2: Lightly grate the outer surface of the twigs and the nutmeg, to release the scent.

Step 3: Transfer the entire mix into a heat-resistant jar, along with a few drops of essential oil.

Step 4: Add water to the jar, with a floating candle on the top for good measure.

This fragrant good-looker can even be used as a centrepiece on your table. And if the scent fades, simply add essential oil. Or spray some morning.misty.meadows. onto it.

4. Pouch air fresheners

Step 1: Cut some sturdy fabric into two rectangles of 5×10 inches.

Step 2: Sew its edges to make a pouch.

Step 3: Decorate your pouch with dried violet flowers, spices, incense cones and oil-soaked cotton balls.

Step 4: Seal the pouch and hang it where you please.

And if you don’t know how to sew, just get Godrej aer’s violet.valley.bloom. Spray it around your home for fragrance you’ll adore.

5. Simmer pots

Step 1: Gather fresh orange peels and lemon peels (with a 3:1 ratio) in your pot.

Step 2: Add water, bay leaves, cloves and cinnamon sticks to this.

Step 3: Let it simmer all day at a low temperature.

Step 4: Seal the pouch and hang it where you please.

This will fill your home with a heavenly, citrusy fragrance, all day. But if you want to save on gas, get yourself tangy.delight.

So, that’s our list of homemade, all-natural air fresheners. While they may not be as fragrant or as easy to use as Godrej aer, they are fun to make. Do try them out and let us know how it goes.