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Wheel Detergent Powder

Packaging Info Per Case / Bag
1 Bag of MRP 10/-   60 Units
1 Bag of 400 g   30 Units
1 Bag of 800 g  25 Units


About the Product

One of the best detergent powders that removes the toughest stains and leaving a lingering pleasant citrus smell of lemons and oranges over the clothes. Use wheel detergent powder that comes with the pleasing fragrance of lemon and orange. Wheel lemon and orange powder is one of the strongest detergent powder to clean your clothes perfectly by removing the toughest stains from your favourite clothes. Since, it has got the strength of lime and orange it wheels out the dirts from your clothes effectively, thus leaves a pleasant smell on over them. One of indias largest detergent brands, active wheel aims to bring delight into the lives of millions of women across the country by giving them a blissful laundry experience reminiscent of the fragrance of thousands of flowers.


Cleaning Agents (anionic And Nonionic Surfactants, Enzymes), Water Softeners (sodium Carbonate And Sodium Aluminosilicate), Fabric Whitener, Sodium Perborate, Anti-redeposition Agent, Perfume, Washer Protection Agent (sodium Silicate) And Processing Aids (sodium Sulfate).

Other Product Info

EAN Code: 8901030641633
Manufactured & Marketed By: Hindustan Unilever Limited, Unilever House, B D Sawant Marg, Chakala, Anderi E, Mumbai - 400099
Country of Origin: India

Usage & Care

Add up to 1 scoop (35 gms) of Wheel powder in a bucket (10 litres) of water.
Mix the solution for about 15 - 30 second
Separate your white garments from your colour on.
Soak your white garments and coloured garments in separate wash liquors for about 30 min
Gently rub the cuffs and collar/ stained portion of the garment.
Rinse the garments in water 2 - 3 time
Squeeze excess water and dry