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Uniron (Mosquito) 10% EC Novaluron -1L


Human diseases transmitted by adult mosquitoes include Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virusand Chikungunya. In temperate zones, where vector-transmitted diseases are not much of aproblem, mosquitoes can cause inconvenience as nuisance insects.

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● Novaluron 10% EC is a mosquito larvicide of the benzoyl urea family. It comes under IGR (Insect
Growth Regulator) category of insecticides.
● Effective against all types of mosquito larvae i.e. Aedes, Anopheles and Culex.
● Works (unlike other Juvenoid IGR's) on the various stages of the larval development process i.e.
st th from 1 instar to 4 instar.
● Effective on mosquito larvae which had developed resistance to certain old chemistry larvicides.
● Low mammalian acute toxicity and has low risk to environment.
● Target specific – Comparatively safe to Non-Target Organisms.
● WHOPES evaluated.
● A new & safe chemistry in EC formulation for vector management programme.

Mode of Action

● Interferes with chitin synthesis in all larval stages of mosquitoes.
● It acts by ingestion & contact and causes abnormal endocuticular deposition and abortive
● Failure of cuticle to develop fully resulting into deformed pupae.

Recommended Uses

● Control of Mosquito Larvae in both clean and polluted water.


● Clean Water : 300 ml of formulation per hectare (1.5ml/Liter of water)
Frequency : once in 12 weeks
● Polluted Water : 600 ml of formulation per hectare (3ml/Liter of water)
Frequency : once in 6 weeks