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Sunlight Liquid Detergent, 800 ml

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About the Product

Repeated washing with only detergents makes clothes dull & lifeless and they start to look old after a few washes. Sunlight liquid's revolutionary Colourlock technology goes deep inside the cloth fibre and locks the colour of your clothes and keeps them looking bright and beautiful wash after wash. Your new dress will now look-like new for longer. Sunlight Liquid is the Next Generation colour care for your clothes. Ordinary detergents have harmful chemicals which are harsh on your hands and may damage your clothes.

Sunlight Liquid’s zero soda formula is gentle on hands & clothes and maintains the new-like shine of your clothes. Sunlight liquid dissolves quickly in water and leaves no residue on your clothes. Therefore, no more powder patches on your clothes and no wastage of powder. It is very simple to use and can be used for both hand wash and machine wash. Keep your clothes bright, beautiful and fresh with Sunlight Liquid – The Next Generation Colour Care for your clothes.