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Stainless Steel Ash Bin

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Stainless Steel Dustbins Are Used As Waste Basket For Dry Waste Like Papers And Office Waste & Also Used As Laundry Hamper For Soiled Clothes. Available In Various Sizes, Can Be Used With Or Without Standard Garbage Bags. Common Rooms, Bathrooms Bedrooms, Soho, Under The Desk Etc Are Common Usage Areas Now A Day'S Steel Dustbins Are In Used In Every Home Because Of Its Long Lasting Life And Modern Looks.It Is Commonly Used In Offices, Living Areas And Inside The Rooms. It Is Made Of High Quality Stainless Steel And Beautifully Finished.


Dustbins Are Used As Waste Basket For Dry Waste Like Papers And Office Waste & Also Used As Laundry Hamper For Soiled Clothes.


Made From High Quality Stainless Steel.


Lifetime Guarantee On Manufacturing Defect.


Parasnath Stainless Steel Perforated Round Dustbin


Looking for a new dustbin? This round shaped dustbin/trash can bring a modern edge to your home with its perforated metal hole design and can fit easily in rooms with limited space. Ideal for dry waste like papers and office waste, it can also be used as a laundry hamper. Available in a variety of sizes, it can be used with or without standard garbage bags. It is made of stainless steel and is ideal for use indoor use in offices, bedrooms and drawing rooms or for outdoor use.




The compact design of the dustbin enables it to be accommodated in any space. Perfect for any room, this dustbin is sure to fit in any nook or cranny of your house. You can even store it under your desk. It doesn't take up much space and its sleek design is sure to enhance any space its stored in.




Made of stainless steel, it's durable and designed to last you for years. The stainless steel is anti corrosive and highly rust resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use as well. The stainless steel finish also enables it to be washed easily. Just wash with soap and water then leave it to dry, for a shiny, sleek, clean bin.


Multipurpose value


The dustbin can also function as a storage unit. With its perforated metal design. It is ideal for use as a laundry hamper, giving your soiled clothes good air flow. It can be used for storing just about anything from your household supplies to craft materials.




The bottom of the dustbin is lined with rubber to ensure it stays firmly in place. It effectively holds your waste items until you bag them up to dispose. Make sure your waste stays where its supposed to be without any accidents or tipping off by your pet or child with this product.