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Softcare Blossom Liquid Handwash Refill Pack, 5 L


Soft Care Premium Blossom Handwash (Rose Perfume) 5L is a pleasantly Rose perfumed disinfectant handwash which kills pathogenic bacteria and viruses on the hands. The formulation has been formulated to keep your skin soft and supple but at the same time kill highly resistant bacteria and viruses


Personal hygiene is of utmost importance in today’s world. With the threat of Covid-19 casting a shadow across the globe, efficient handwashing with the correct products is the most foolproof weapon to arrest the threat of various diseases that threaten human lives, including Covid-19.


Soft Care Premium Blossom Handwash (Rose Perfume) 5 Liter makes sure that it kills 99.99% of germs that may be found on the skin of a particularly healthy person. This rose perfumed handwash avoids the spread of germs that travel either through direct contact or via equipment and surfaces through cross contamination.


Soft Care Premium Blossom Handwash (Rose Perfume) 5L targets and eliminates highly-resistant pathogenic bacteria and viruses, while making sure that your hands are kept soft and supple.