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Savlon Clothes Disinfectant And Refreshing Spray, 230ml

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Savlon Clothes Disinfectant and Refreshing Spray kills virus & 99.9% germs* like molds,fungi and odour causing bacteria on your clothes and refreshes them. The specially designed formula is free of bleach,gentle and safe on clothes. It also leaves clothes smelling fresh upto 72 hrs Basis Lab study on sample microbes. Basis lab study on select fabrics How to use 1. Shake the Can well. 2. Spray from a distance of 15-20 cm from clothes, until covered in light mist. 3. Let it dry USE ANYTIME BETWEEN WASHES : Disinfect and Refresh your clothes between one laundry wash and the next laundry wash to get rid of germs and have a lasting fragrance. Use as directed on pack. DISINFECTS : Kills Virus & 99.99% Germs including Molds,Fungi,Odour causing bacteria. REFRESHES : It kills odour causing bacteria on clothes and refreshes them with a subtle Fresh breeze like fragrance that lasts upto 72 hrs. GENTLE AND SAFE ON CLOTHES : Specially designed formula with Fabric care additives is free of Bleach and is safe to use on wide range of fabric types such as Woollens,Cotton,Nylon,Satin,Denim,Polyster Cotton,Olefin,Chiffon. It is safe on skin. WHERE TO USE : Can be used on every day clothes like shirts,pants, leggings, clothes that are infrequently washed like Woollens,Jeans, Bedsheets, Smelly clothes like gym wear,vests, Soft Surfaces like sofas,curtains etc. Do not use on silk,rayon acetate, fabrics with embellishments,leather or suede. EASY AND CONVENIENT TO USE : Just Spray and Let it Dry. No water needed. Use as directed on pack.