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SAT TAB - Sanitizing Tablets, 500 g ( 250 Tablets )

Rs. 750.00
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SAT TAB is a concentrated tablet for disinfection of all surfaces including food contact surfacesand also suitable for disinfection of vegetables.


Appearance             :   White, Flat Cylindrical Tablets.

Available chlorine   :  58.0 – 62.0 % w /w

PH                                :  5.0 – 7.0 (1% solution )

Moisture                     :   7 max % w /w

Water insoluble        :  0.2 max % w/w

Composition             :  Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate


SAT TAB contains a chlorine release agent which makes it also very effective for disinfecting salads, tomatoes, vegetables etc.

Chlorine provides a strong residual in the distribution system.

Chlorine can be easily converted to chloramines that also provide a strong residual and do not produce by-products.

Chlorine is a relatively inexpensive disinfecting agent.

Chlorine is effective at low concentrations.