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Revive Liquid Stiffener - All Fabrics, All Colors, 400 g Bottle


Revive was launched in 1993 by Marico (makers of Parachute & Saffola) that created a market where none existed. Revive starch powder gave consumers the convenience of an instant cold water starch at home.
Revive Liquid Stiffener was launched in 2007, to make the clothes starching process easy, convenient & patch-free. Revive Liquid stiffener provides a fresh transformation to boring and lifeless clothes. Revive Liquid helps make your clothes crisp, fresh and wrinkle-free. Revive starch liquid forms an even transparent film on clothes. It protects fabric from stains by coating individual fibers, thus keeping them stain-free. Revive Liquid makes clothes up to 3 times brighter than ordinary starches. This starch liquid for clothes preserves brightness of colored fabrics for long. Revive liquid starch for clothes dissolves easily even in cold water. It can be used in Washing Machine also as directed by machine manual.
Revive liquid unlike traditional powders, leaves no patches on colored clothes. Revive Liquid can be used on all fabrics in all colors. Revive liquid makes starching of clothes at home a quick and easy experience.


* Instant starch that dissolves even in cold water
* Suitable for all colours and all fabrics
* Quick, Easy and Convenient starching for a crisp looks
* Forms even transparent layer on clothes for patch free stiffness
* Makes colored clothes 3 times brighter than ordinary starch
* Form makers of Parachute and Saffola

Polymer Of Vinyl Acetate, Aqua, Fragrance, Preservative.

Other Product Info

EAN Code:10045841499
Country of origin: India
Manufactured by: Marico

Usage & Care

1. Shake bottle well. Add 1 cap to 1 liter of water. Sufficient for 1 saree or 2 shirts.
2. - Soak the garments for at least 5 minutes.
3. - Drip dry them completely.