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Polycarbonate Safety Goggles, 1 Pcs

Rs. 55.00 Rs. 110.00
  • 360° EYE PROTECTION: THUNDERSTORM safety eyeglass is a protective eye shield to protect eyes from chemical, splash, saliva, dust, flying particles, droplets, splashes, etc. to give your eyes better protection at home or medical field.
  • WIDE FIELD OF VISION: Owing to the panoramic design, the entire field of vision is always in view while your eyes are protected from all sides along with a pleasant wearing feel & perfect fit.
  • MADE TO LAST LONGER: Made from clear polycarbonate polymer which is suitable for Laboratory, Hospitals, Construction Site, Operating Room, Industrial Production, Cycling, Bike Riding and more.
  • Material: Polycarbonate | Color: Clear | Frame Size: Universal