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Lux Flaw-less Glow Bathing Soap

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Turn your everyday shower into a pampering bathing ritual with LUX Flaw-less Glow soap. Indulge your senses and pamper your skin with this luxurious body soap that combines the soft, scent of with the brightening and nourishing formula of Vitamin C & E for an alluring bathing experience. LUX Flaw-less glow soap is infused with the power of jasmine and glycerin to give you a soft looking flawless skin. The subtle fragrance lingers on your skin for hours after your shower while leaving a noticeable day long glow. Lux Flaw-less Glow Soap with rich, creamy lather, washes away dirt on skin’s surface to reveal happy, fresh skin after every shower. A soap suitable for whole family. Bathing soap which is good for both your face and body. Lasting floral fragrance which leaves everyone mesmerised. Nourish and keep your skin moisturised with every bath. The soap is enriched with active ingredients that go deep into your skin to keep it clean and smooth. Lux Flaw-less Glow lets you indulge in the soothing sensorial experience as you immerse in the classic scent of Jasmine. Indulge in the heavenly experience with Lux for visibly glowing skin from the first wash. LUX Flaw-less Glow beauty bar is the unique soap bar that turns shower time to glow time.