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Lizol All In 1 Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner, 5 L

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Lizol is India's No.1 Household Cleaning Brand, highly recommended by the Indian Medical Association. Lizol guarantees to kill 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria and germs while leaving your room smelling fragrant with different aromas. This cleaner removes 100 types of Stains & Germs and leaves a Pleasant Fragrance. Available Variants are Pine, Floral, Citrus, Jasmine, Lavender, Sandal and Neem in the sizes: 200 ml, 500 ml, 975 ml, 1 L, 1.8 L Refill, 2 L and 5 L.

Usage & Care

Floor and Bathroom Surfaces:

Use 16ml (one capful) in half a bucket of water (4 Litres).

Gently mop on Surface. No need to rinse.

Kitchen Surfaces:

For tough stains, use undiluted.

Apply on a dirty surface.

Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse well with water immediately.

Neat use is recommended on polished marble, granite and ceramic tiles only.