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: Sandal Turmeric

Godrej No 1 Soap, 100g x 5 Pcs. ( 1 Set )

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Sandal Turmeric

Sandalwood is known for its anti-blemishing and healing properties. Turmeric has been known for its anti-septic and healing properties since ages. The blend of Sandal and Turmeric with natural oils promises a naturally glowing and nourished skin.

Lime Aloe Vera

Nothing is more refreshing than a dash of lime. And when you combine this freshness with the gentleness of Aloe Vera, which keeps the skin soft by retaining its moisture, what you get is the Godrej No.1 Lime and Aloe Vera. A soap that leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft.

Neem Rose Water

Since ages, Neem is known for its protection properties and for helping prevent skin problems. Rosewater soothes the skin and suffuses it with hydration.  The blend of Neem and Rosewater with natural oils helps get a naturally glowing and healthy skin. Godrej No.1 Neem Rosewater soap offers 99.9% germ protection.

Jasmine Milk Cream

Let your senses get engulfed by the relaxing fragrance of Godrej No.1 Jasmine and Milk Cream soap. Feel a wave of calm wash over you as jasmine and milk do their magic.

Saffron Milk Cream

Enter the world of Godrej No.1 Saffron and Milk cream where its exotic ingredients pamper your skin with utmost delicacy. Get healthy, blemish-free skin with the help of saffron and milk.

Coconut Neem

They say old is gold, and it is absolutely true when it comes to the traditional and trusted recipe of Godrej No.1 Coconut and Neem. Feed your skin with the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of coconut and neem. Coconut helps hydrate your skin and retain its natural oils, whereas Neem protects your skin from toxins.  

Rosewater Almonds

Rose helps maintain the skin’s PH balance and also controls excess oil. Almond helps you get smooth and supple skin. Almond mixed with the goodness of rosewater gives you smooth, supple and glowing skin.

Lavender Milk Cream

Lavender provides natural skin care and helps you get healthy, glowing skin. Milk cream helps nourish and soften your skin. Lavender mixed with the richness of milk cream gives you the perfectly glowing and refreshed skin.