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Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent - For Winterwear

Rs. 57.00
Ezee laundry detergent has a special cleaning and stain remover formula that gently cleans your woollens from within without fabric damage. Its in-built micro conditioners make them soft, fluffy and looking as good as new always! It comes in a functionally superior design that is easy to handle. It also has a measuring cup which makes it easier not just to measure the right amount of detergent but to pour as well. It also has a spill-proof nozzle that ensures that means zero wastage. Its pH-neutral, no-soda formula prevents your clothes from shrinking and fading. It is ideal for all winter wear - all those clothes that need a little extra care and is certified by Woolmark Apparel Care.
Other Product Info

EAN Code: 40024995
Country of origin: India
Manufacturered & Marketed by: Godrej Consumer Products Limited

Usage & Care

Use one capful (40g) for 6-8 winter clothes.