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Genteel Liquid Detergent - Strong Formula, No Residue, Soft On Hands, Pack of 2 , ( 1 Kg Each )

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Genteel Liquid Detergent is an all-purpose laundry detergent from the house of Godrej. It is the best solution for your everyday clothes. The special strong formula of Genteel liquid detergent delivers absolute cleansing for whites as well as your coloured clothes. Genteel has an added fabric conditioner that softens the fabric and leaves your clothes with a lingering fragrance. The detergent bottle has a functionally superior design that is easy to handle. It also has a measuring cap which makes it easier not just to measure the right amount of detergent but to pour as well. The pH-neutral no-soda formula prevents your clothes from shrinking and fading. It is ideal for all those clothes that need a little extra care because it's safe and gentle on your expensive lingerie, shawls, silks, woolens and even babywear.

How To Use

Take half a bucket of water and pour two capfuls of Genteel. For machines, you can add the same amount, but the wash load should be medium; do not overload the machine with extra clothes.
Then you can soak the clothes in the detergent-mixed water, rinse it and let it dry in a shady place.
Ideal for washing cotton, linen, silk, denim and other everyday clothes


There is no harmful soda in Genteel liquid wash.
This is a unique fabric conditioner that keeps your clothes clean, fluffy and soft.

Other Product Info

EAN Code: 100017599
Country of origin: India
Marketed by: Godrej Consumer Products Limited