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Diversey Crew Urinal Screen (5 Pcs Pack)

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 Crew™ Urinal Screen is designed specially to deodorize and effectively provide maintenance of the urinals.

 Crew™ Urinal Screen provides a controlled and consistent fragrance release, using proprietary polymerized fragrances and a polymer based delivery system. The Urinal Screens are made with recyclable EVA polymer and hence safe to use and dispose.

 The fragrance can neutralize odors, negating the use of an external fragrance system.


 Ensure one time treatment of urinal and drain before usage.

Step 1 – Place the Crew Urinal Screen on the urinal bowl.

Step 2 – The urinal screen gradually releases a fragrance, keeping urinals fresh for longer.

Step 3 – Replace the urinal screen when there is no fragrance left, or on malodors in the washroom.

Note: Please remove the urinal screen when you make use of any chemicals for cleaning. Replace the urinal screen when done.