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BANEST 20 , 20% EC Chlorpyriphos

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: 1L

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Termites enter the buildings through foundation & utility points and travel within the minute wall gaps in search of cellulose base food available on Door & Window frames, Wardrobes, Furnitures etc. and damage them silently within a very short time.



Old & Trusted molecule in termite control ● Repels termites & kills them instantly

Mode of Action

Non-systemic insecticide with contact, stomach and respiratory action.
● Create repellent barrier in the soil preventing termites to make entry into the building.

Recommended Uses

Pre & Post construction termite control in buildings and wood works.


Pre-construction and Post-construction termite treatment
● Mix 1L Banest 20 in 19L of water and apply as per the current IS 6313 (Part 2)
& (Part 3) standards. (5oml of Banest 20/ltr of water)
Treatment of wood works:
● Mix 1L Banest 20 in 19L of kerosene oil & apply. (5oml of Banest 20/ltr of