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Ambi Pur Room Freshener, 275g

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A happy home is a healthy home, and it all begins with the air you and your loved ones breathe. Try Ambi Pur Air Fresheners that don’t just mask odors but remove them leaving behind a relaxing and uplifting ambience at home! Can be used in any room of your house for removing lingering malodors. 95% water-based, the non-flammable formula makes it extremely safe for use. Did you know? Our olfactory senses when exposed to soothing fragrances can have a relaxing and calming effect. so, all you need is to breathe... breathe happy with Ambi Pur!

How to use

Hold the can upright, pull the trigger back and spray the air in a sweeping motion for a noticeably fresh home.

Also try our varied range of fragrances in Ambi Pur Air Effects and keep your home fragrant. (Fragrances - Sweet Citrus & Zest, Spring & Renewal, Blossoms & Breeze, New Zealand Springs, Thai Dragon Fruit and Hawaiian Flowers).