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: Red - Buffing

17" Round Scrubber Pad

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Usage by Colour


The standard stripping pad, for heavy duty wet stripping of emusion polish.

You can't effectively use any other colour for stripping (Expect the Emerald, above) and you must use this wet. If you use this pad dry you will damage floors

Use with slow speed Scrubbing Machine. 100-200 rpm. (You cannot effectively strip polish with a high speed machine).e)


Red is best know as a spray cleaning pad. It polishes and cleans at the same time.

It's a mild floor cleaning pad. Often recommeded for use by flooring manufacturers on a Scrubber Dryer as there is no risk of it dammaging the floor or coating.

Not aggresive enough for srubbing.

Use with slow or high speed Cleaning Machine or Scrubber Dryer. 100-500 rpm.


The mildest floor pad. For dry burnishing or buffing of soft floor dressing.

Will burnish a polished floor to a high shine. Only use on a clean floor, this is polishing only. Can be used on a Ultra-High-Speed burnisher as long as you keep moving (Will over-heat the floor if you stay in one spot too long)

Use with high speed Scrubbing Machine. 350-500 rpm.


Green is the colour for wet scrubbing/cleaning. It can be used to "knock-back" polish before re-coating.

Perfect for deep cleaning, however you mustn't use this dry. Don't use on polished floors, unless you want to remove polish. That said, green is no good for stripping polish, it's not aggressive enough for that.

Ideal for use on a Scrubber Dryer for cleaning a heavily soiled or hard to clean floor

Use with slow speed Scrubbing Machine or Scrubber Dryer. 100-200 rpm.