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Schevaran Vision

‘To enable clean living and workspaces using sustainable green technologies’

At our core, Schevaran’s “Green DNA” drives everything, from research, to materials, process, and distribution. We envision a clean world that uses safe and environment friendly technologies.


Schevaran was founded in Mysore in the year 1988, with the vision and commitment to produce world class 360 degree cleaning solutions, tailor made for the Indian geography. A forerunner in the domestic cleaning products market, Schevaran has formulated and produced over 150 cleaning and maintenance chemicals that are widely used by businesses around the country.
The company continues to augment the product range through it’s R&D programme, and via strategic partnerships with leading international manufacturers of cleaning machines and accessories. Schevaran is an exclusive distributor and strategic partner for Cleanfix cleaning machines, and Filmop cleaning accessories and equipment.
Schevaran Innovation Centre (SIC), the Research and Development wing, carefully formulates and iteratively perfects new products for the rapidly evolving cleaning industry. The ongoing focus at Schevaran Innovation Centre is to create high-quality, environment friendly products through sustainable production processes. With over 150 corporate customers, Schevaran products and equipment are used to clean over 200 million square feet each day.